How to Watch Wisconsin Football Online

Are you ready to watch Coach Paul Chryst lead the Wisconsin Badgers onto the field from Camp Randall Stadium? Last year they were 11 and 3 overall and adding an incredibly impressive 7-1 record for Conference play. Did you miss some of those great games because they weren’t on TV?

Did you know that you can stream Wisconsin Badger football games from your computer or tablet? Well get prepared to find out several locations where you can watch the Badgers stream live this fall.

Big Ten Network

One of the first places to go is the Big Ten Network website to stream the Wisconsin Badgers play. The direct link to Badgers’ football games will usually be aired on The website is easy to use, but does require you to sign up, you’ll be prompted to sign up. If you should choose to subscribe to the Big Ten Network, you can either select school specific or conference specific.

That is unless you have the Big Ten Network provided by your cable provider. If that is applicable, then all you have to do is enter your provider credentials, and you’ll be ready to watch Wisconsin Badger football. You can also go to the Wisconsin Badgers’ website at

You have several different tabs to select from the menu. If you select “Live” and refresh from the screen to display available content. You will also be required to log in or possibly register for an account to be able to view content streamed from the website. Let’s face it, if you’re a Wisconsin Badgers fan, you probably already have an account.

You can also head over to the ESPN website when games are available through the WatchEspn application found at the following link: You will need an ESPN account to log in and view any content that is available on the site. ESPN also offers a variety of mobile applications that can be used with your phones and tablets.

These applications are highly reviewed on both the iTunes store and Google Play Store. So you don’t have to worry about faulty applications that have several issues. This will come in especially handy if you need to stream the game from a wedding or other family event that you’ve been dragged to.

Best Free Sites To Stream Football Games

If you want a free site that you can stream the Wisconsin Badgers game, this site will readily comply with your wants.

They have a list of several professional and college sports streamed for free. If you select “More” from the right side of the menu, a drop down list will appear with the option American Football. Note that if you originally select “Football”, you’ll be redirected to Soccer. Just remember to head to the “More” option and select American Football and you will have your list of available games to select.

One other free option is the website below.

Wisconsin Badger football games stream through this website for free and without registration. When you open this page, you’ll see a play button on the left side of the screen. When you select that button, the next page that loads will have the game available for you to stream.

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