5 Ways To Stream NFL Football Online


Can’t make it to your favorite football game? Unwilling to shell out the money for the expensive football package? Don’t worry. There are great alternatives for NFL football fans who are ready to sacrifice the comfort of cable television and embrace the web technology. You can now watch your favorite football games online, and that too even free of cost!! Isn’t that great fun?

Watching live football games on the Internet is the latest trend today. After all, where do you have the time to sit at the convenience of your home and watch your favorite games online! And, what if there is a power cut just in the middle of an exciting game? Don’t be overwhelmed. Your laptop, tablet, or even Smartphone is still running. If you have a steady internet connection, you can watch the game online, and that too for free, mostly. Where to stream college football on the internet? Continue reading for some awesomely reliable sites to consider.

1. Justin.tv

Justin.tv is a website that offers a host of live streams of your favorite football games, anytime. In addition to exciting live NFL streams, here you can find plenty of shows that discuss football, making it a good start to your day. You can also see what’s coming up so that you can save your time and energy for your much-loved game of football. It also hosts multiple football games back to back, and pre and post game coverage as well ensuring superior user experience. Justin.tv is a good way to watch football games online, and that too absolutely free.

2. ESPN3.com

While you might not get to watch NFL exactly on ESPN3.com, it provides a host of highlights, pre and post game coverage and analysis that can make your day if you are a true football lover. However, the website live streams are great to watch some exciting college football during weekends, both live and replay. The video quality is good, with an extensive selection of sports. With ESPN3.com, you can watch live football, anywhere, anytime, without worrying about anything but only your internet speed.

3. YouTube

Missed that favorite football game of yours? Don’t worry. If not live, you can indeed watch the game online at YouTube. It is the most popular video streaming website, with millions of videos being uploaded and downloaded every day across the world. In fact, YouTube is the best place to watch the game of football that you missed, absolutely free. However, just like Justin.tv, it airs what other users have uploaded, and you might find little difficulty in finding your football game streaming link from amongst million others.

4. NFLStreams.com

The name says it all. If you are a die-hard NFL fan, this website is just the place for you. In fact, it is a search engine for a wide variety of NFL streams. For each football match, it offers a comprehensive list of websites where you can watch the game. It does not provide any feed itself.

5. Watch Football Games Online with Applications

WatchESPN is a free app that you can download to stream and watch football games on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. WatchESPN brings to you live programming of your football game, 24/7, from your most favorite ESPN networks right on your Smartphone, computer, tablet, and even Xbox 360. If you are ready to pay a little for your favorite football game, SkyFire Web Browser comes at only $3 for iPhone and $5 for iPad. The app is the ultimate key to watch virtually any NFL or college football game on your Apple device.

Sunday Ticket is another favorite app for football fans, which allows you to stream every NFL game on your iPad or iPhone for free. Providing HD video quality and good broadcasting, this app is a must-try to watch your favorite football games easy and free. You can also download your favorite football team’s live streaming application from Google Play or App Store, or visit the official website of NFL to download the app. Enjoy football unlimited, anywhere, anytime!!

Beware of Scams!

While you fall for the addiction to watch the best college football games online, make sure that you avoid spam websites or fall prey to advertisement gimmicks. Beware of websites that you need to complete a survey or download suspicious software before you can stream, or the like. Such spam sites tend to infect your computer or mobile phone with malware and viruses.

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