3 Options To Streaming UT Vols Football Games

Online Viewing for UT College Football There is nothing more dear to a Tennessean than our beloved University of Tennessee collegiate football team. Growing up in Johnson City, TN the UT and their “Vols” or “Volunteers” as they are affectionately called were “country famous”, this means that if they were playing and you were a fan then you WERE watching; and if not then some might say you were committing a small act of treason.

As the times change and modern technology has become so completely integrated into our daily lives there are so many options for collegiate football fans to watch their hometown heros play even when they are not sitting in Neyland Stadium. Volunteer Football Brief History, The University of Tennessee’s football program began in 1891. The Team got it’s nickname the “Volunteers” or the “Vols” for short from the the state of Tennessee itself.

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer state , deriving this nickname from the War of 1812 where countless Tennesseans volunteered to fight and were an integral part of The Battle of New Orleans. The rest is history and the name stuck.

Option #1: Download The WatchESPN APP

WatchESPN.com is the number one option for me in terms of streaming UT football games online. You can even watch live action through your Xbox 360 and/or via the WatchESPN app. To stream through your Xbox or other game console you need: internet access, an ESPN subscription and preferably a large screen TV. This option is great because you can actually watch the game on TV, in all it’s High Definition and glory. An ESPN subscription can run you about $10-$15 a month depending on your cable/internet provider’s rates.

Option 2: Visit The University Sports Streaming Service

www.utsports.com Another way to satisfy your Saturday football itch is to watch the game being streamed live on www.utsports.com. The stream the game live for a small subscription fee and you can watch past UT games “on demand” for free, in case you missed on, heaven forbid. This method is cool because you can watch through this site on your PC, mobile phone, or connect either of the latter to your smart TV via a HDMI cord.

I personally like to watch the mobile video app because I can literally watch my orange darlings play anywhere. One thing to remember if you are streaming video over your phone try to do so in a place where you can utilize WiFi. That way you’re not eating up your data allotment and the video will stream flawlessly and not continuously have to buffer, which is the equivalent to suffering a slow death as you wait in excruciating agony for the buffering to complete. Learned that particular lesson the hard way.

Option 3: European Streaming Websites

Free websites I have personally yet to find a venue to watch the Volunteers play online for free. What I have found were sites like P2P4U.net offering pirated video streams. On good moral ground I couldn’t take part in that. I am hoping that there will be more options for Tennessee fan to see the games online for free in the future. Watching the UT boys play is a magical experience and I for one try to never miss a game. Here is to happy watching and “Go Vols!”

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