How To Watch Stanford Football Online

Having produced many NFL superstars in recent years including Andrew Luck and Richard Sherman, the Stanford Cardinals are one of the top football programs in the country. Being a member of both the NCAA Division 1 and Pac-12 North Division Conference, the Stanford Cardinals are one of the most popular and most streamed teams in the nation.

There are many different ways to watch the Stanford Cardinals games online. We will outline a number of different methods which will allow you to stream the games.

Pac-12 App

Most conferences have their own specific app which allows you to watch games from within the conference. Subscriptions will cost you a monthly fee which runs at about $8. The PAC 12 app streams those games that other channels do not have televised.

Cell phone Provider

Some providers have deals which allow you to stream some of the games that are shown on ESPN. To watch the games you would either have to watch them on your phone or link your phone to a television. AT&T, Sprint & Verizon has such a deal so contact your cell phone service provider for more information.

ABC Online

ABC Sports live streaming service only apply for fans that live in Chicago, New York City, Southern California, Houston and Philadelphia. ABC runs a live stream for a range of different methods such as iPad, Androids and web browsers. While they do track your location in real-time, you may be able to utilise a proxy to bypass this function and therefore watch games even when you are outside the zone.


ESPN3 is another good place to stream sports. Provided that your internet connection is relatively high speed, many providers allow you to watch about half of the college games that are shown live on their channel. This means you can still watch some of the Stanford Cardinal games even though you don’t have a cable subscription. and the WatchESPN app

If you currently have a cable subscription to ESPN but for whatever reason you cannot sit down and watch your beloved Stanford Cardinals dominate on your television, there are other ways you can still utilise this service. Even the most basic level of subscription allows you to watch 85% of the college football games shown by the ESPN network as you have access to both ESPN and the ESPN2 channels.

So if you are back home for the holidays or out of town for some reason, once you have an internet connection, you can use your ESPN cable subscription to watch the games. To do this you must use the WatchESPN app which is compatible with nearly every type of device. When you first set up the app you will have to authorize the streaming function by setting up the account correctly with your cable company.

There is not a limit on the amount of times you can log into the account on different devices so you could split the cost of the subscription by setting up an account with friends or family.

Free Streaming Websites

There are many sites which stream Stanford Cardinal games online which are found when you simply Google ‘Watch Stanford Cardinal Games free online.’ However you must be very careful if you use these sites to stream the games as sites may contain malware and viruses which will do damage to your computer, tablet etc.


There are many different ways to stream Stanford Cardinal games, some free, some not. Your best option may be to split the cost of a cable subscription with friends or family which allows you to stream most games straight to any device you desire. Go Cardinals!

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