How To Watch PSU Football Online

The biggest fans of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team are all wondering the same thing this upcoming football season–where can I watch the game for my favorite Big Ten member? Well look no further! Here are the three most popular websites to stream live games.

Big Ten Network

Clicking on to the Big Ten Network website will quickly redirect you to the site that supports online streaming ( Lucky enough, there is no cost for this online streaming as long as the Big Ten Network is already a part of your TV channel line-up. Not only does this website offer the newest games to stream, it also has a number of highlight reels available to watch. Even if the Big Ten Network is not something you are subscribed to, there are a number of free options that you can still keep up with the newest Penn State news.


If this channel is not something that you already have, Penn State has partnered with CBS and AT&T to support online streaming for all of their sporting events. Their website ( asks you to create an account, which you can then use to watch all the Lions action that you can handle.

An added bonus is that they have all of the previous season’s videos archived for your viewing pleasure. In addition to the streaming capabilities, PSU has offered a detailed list of the team’s schedule as well as the recorded sound for each one.


Last, but certainly not least, ESPN has launched an online streaming site that allows you to view live football games. As long as you already have ESPN3 access, or you can pay a small amount to gain this access, you are able to view any of the Penn State football games.

Heading over to will give you a wide range of options of what you are looking to watch. Staying on the Penn State page of ESPN ( provides you with a detailed Penn State schedule, the latest statistics of the most current season, and a myriad of news articles and videos that are all related to the Lions. The most sacred–and scary–part of their webpage will show you the current standings that Penn State has compared to other Big Ten members.

Final Thoughts

Even if you can’t make it out to watch your favorite Big Ten team play this weekend, streaming it online through these three websites is almost like the real thing. Big Ten Network is the definitely the easiest to access, as long as your current subscription to the network is valid.

Penn State’s personal football website is the place to go for the most current and up-to-date news of the Lion’s, or if you are looking to watch already archived games. ESPN also has a wide range of options for the biggest Lions fan and is a more common subscription that most fans already have. So smear on that blue and white face paint, invite other fans over, and stream the game from wherever is convenient for you

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