How To Watch Oklahoma State Football Online

Oklahoma State University will be one of the top teams for college football in the 2015-2016 season. The Oklahoma State Cowboys played their first season in 1901. They currently play in the Big 12 Conference and play at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Although the OKstate Cowboys had a disappointing 2014 season, finishing 7-6, the Oklahoma State Cowboys did have a big OT win over in-state rival Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State University Cowboys also defeated Washington University in the 2015 TicketCity Cactus Bowl 30-22.

Finishing the 2014 season on a high note, The Oklahoma State University Cowboys are projected to thrive this season and have a shot to contend for the National Championship. In order for you to support your Cowboys, here are a few ways to watch all of their games online.

Websites That Broadcast OSU Games Online (Paid Option):

  • Your Cellphone Carrier:

Most cellphone providers charge $2.99 to watch the game on your phone. This would be an ideal option if you have a current smartphone and want to watch the Oklahoma State University Cowboys on the go.

  • CBS Sports App:

Other than ESPN, CBS has a majority of the rights to college football. For $17.95, you will have the ability to watch all of the games being played in college football, not just the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

Sites That Live Stream OKSTATE Games Free:


ESPN is the go to website for all sports fans to get updates and watch live games. So being able to watch Oklahoma State University Cowboys games live won’t be a challenge. ESPN owns a majority of the rights to College Football, which will ensure the best quality games at a high speed.


Sportstream is my personal go to source to watch college football games online. Sportstream is a streaming website that allows the viewer to choose which sports they want to watch. Every Saturday Sportstream has all of the college football games, including the Oklahoma State University Cowboys, with great quality.

Although it may seem to make more sense to stream a game for free online compared to paying for it, there are some cons. The first con for streaming games online is the overall quality. Because the sites do not charge a fee to watch the games, the overall quality is worse compared to sites that charge a fee. This is because with the more money generated by the site for the games, the more money they can spend to get a higher signal to stream. So if a website does not charge a fee, they do not have the capital to get the same quality.

My personal opinion is that if you are watching OSU vs Oklahoma Sooners game with a group of friends, pay for the better quality. It will make an overall better experience.

If you are watching the game by yourself, I would recommend streaming it for free. The quality won’t be the best, but it is definitely not bad! I hope this article helps you in your search to watch a successful Oklahoma State University Cowboys season!

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