How to Watch NBA Streams on Reddit, Hulu, Sling TV, Apple TV, Playstation Vue

With restrictive firewalls in foreign countries, and strict copyright laws in the US, watching NBA streams online has become unfeasible. And for college students, who are currently under the financial burden of their education, paid sites like hulu, directTV and more are often not an option.

To address this, several Reddit users have assembled to create communities dedicated to legally streaming and sharing live NBA games. This article will show you how to use this to your advantage.

There are two leading subreddits (reddit communities) that disclose live streams. They are “NBALiveTVStreams” (at and “NBAStreams” (at
Both are ran by the same group, therefore many of the streaming links will be available on either of them – saving you from the hustle of switching from one tab to the other.
The sites make it incredibly easy for any user to watch, the only downside would be the occasional ads that appear on the streams – which, if necessary, can be solved by downloading an adBlocker. Without further do, here is how to watch live NBA streams on Reddit.

To watch NBA streams on Reddit:

1. Visit either of the links
Click on the links and you’ll be redirected to their Reddit thread.
2. Avoid spam and look for bright red/green text boxes
Unfortunately, spammers will occasionally post illegitimate links on the page to advertise their site. Ignore those, and head straight into the TV schedule or the streaming guide – these are usually bright red or green text boxes.
3. Check the TV schedule to see if your event is available or wait for a streaming link
The TV schedule is available in the NBALiveTVStreams subreddit only, check if your event is there. More often than not, it is included. The subreddit covers almost every game in the season; Otherwise, if you chose the NBAStreams, you’ll usually be greeted with an instruction link 10-15 minutes before the event starts.
Reload your page every so often to check if it has appeared.
4. Choose a source
On the first post, a table of verified/accepted sources is shown. These links are approved by the moderators and should be working. Avoid clicking on streams in the comments, because these could, again, be spam.
5. Watch and enjoy
You’ll most likely be redirected to a site with a video player. Click the video feed and you should be able to watch it without issues. If the source is blocked or for some reason is unavailable, return to the reddit page and click on a new one. If none of the links are working, search for “Live NBA Streams” in your search engine to find an alternative site.

In summary, Reddit offers a powerful community of streamers that can be tapped to enjoy free NBA streams. Offering live feedback and discussing the game in the comments, making it possible for you to interact with fans on the internet – a feature that other streaming sites usually dont offer. Even if the hustle of infuriating ads are taken into account, free online streaming is cheaper than traditional televised broadcasts.

Other Online Streaming Service Without Cable

  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • Playstation Vue
  • Apple TV
  • Youtube TV