How to Watch Live MLB Streams

Watching MLB live streams on the internet has proven itself to be a burden: countless clicking, browsing and searching, luring you into nothing but ad-infested regret. With the affliction of education costs, paid streaming services are not a viable option.
If you’re a college student – or just a fan looking for a cheap alternative, you might find yourself interested in reddit MLB live streaming communities.
The communities, are packed to the roof with baseball loving enthusiasts – all willing to grind through internet hell-holes to provide you with sites better than TV itself! Here’s how to access them.
Reddit communities, or SubReddits, are corners of the internet where members can congregate based on hobbies, common interests or plain fun.
Fortunately, a group of members have managed to piece together a living, breathing, thriving subreddit dedicated to live-streaming MLB games. Their site functions as a thread where users can post working streams, which other users then verify, and go on to use to watch and discuss live games. T
he community goes by the name r/MLBStreams, and can be found at or by directly visiting Reddit and searching for MLB Streams in the search bar. Here are instructions on how to watch MLB streams live on Reddit:

Watching MLB live on Reddit:

1. Open the Reddit subreddit
Open MLBStreams on Reddit as instructed in the paragraph above. Bookmark the site for future reference, or subscribe to the subreddit if you already have a Reddit account (this will allow for quicker access, as well as posts on your customized Reddit feed).
2. Read thread instructions
Look through the instructions on the page. These are usually marked out in green text boxes in the thread. They often post vital information, as well as verified streamers for you to use.
3. Browse user-posted links
If no streamers are mentioned in the instruction page, look for them in the comments of the instruction page, or, return to the MLBStreams page. Search through the posts for relevant sources that match your criteria.
4. Choose/verify source
Click on your preferred post. In addition, scroll down to the comments to see user reviews. If users are complaining about the quality – or overall have issues with the site, repeat step 3 & 4 until you find a source that users are happy with and click the streaming link.
5. Watch stream
If everything went as planned, you should now be watching a live MLB stream. Otherwise, search for your desired game on Google – or wait for a user to post a new source on the subreddit.
Similarly, if you find a working post, share it with the community and help contribute to the MLBStreams subreddit.
In short, streams can be accessed by skimming through r/MLBStreams for effective sources. As a result, we can evade the bothersome costs of money-hoarding streaming services, or the infuriating ads of traditional cable TV. Allowing us to relish the spirit and support of fans in the Reddit comments, providing us with entertaining commentary that traditional broadcasters simply cannnot deliver.