How to Watch Mizzou Football Online

Hello fellow Tigers fans! I think that we all can agree how exciting it is to spend the day at Faurot Field, watching our beloved team play. Whether you’ve grown up going to the football games there or you, like me, found your love for Missouri football while attending the University, it definitely is a given that Mizzou football is a priority, especially now since Mizzou has joined the SEC. I’ve spent many relaxing afternoons tailgating outside the stadium and listening to the game on the radio.

While this option was incredibly fun, nothing compared to being in the front row of the football stadium cheering on the Tigers and even seeing guest appearances by Truman the Tiger, our mascot. Tigers fans truly have a great sense of community and this can be displayed at games whenever everyone links arms, sways back and forth and sings “Old Missouri” together. Mizzou truly has some amazing football traditions that I’m proud to be a part of and these are experiences that I wouldn’t trade in a lifetime.

However, there are times when you can’t be in on the action by sitting in the front row at the stadium, no matter how much you would like to. This is why I needed to find some valuable online resources to allow me to keep up-to-date with everything that was going on during game days despite my schedule not allowing me to make it to the game in person.

SEC/ESPN Partner Site:

First and foremost, SEC ESPN Online is a tool to allow you to watch Mizzou games wherever you’re at. This allows you to watch the games either streaming online. Additionally, this website is connected to the app found in the iTunes store WatchESPN, where, once downloaded, can be programmed with your favorite team (Mizzou, of course!) and then plays live coverage of the football games on game day.

Mizzou Network:

Additionally, a great source directly from the University is the Mizzou Network, a website that offers live streaming of all football games as well as interviews with the players, coaches, fans, etc. This is a great resource to have because it definitely adds to making you feel like you’re not missing out on anything happening at the stadium simply because you can’t make it in person.

By offering statistics, player bios, and footage of past games, you can really get a good understanding of Mizzou as a whole and learn a lot more about them as a team, rather than just simply watching the games on TV without any background knowledge.

Local Radio Stream:

Finally, KCOU, Columbia’s local radio station, broadcasts coverage of the games over 88.1FM if you live locally. However, for the past several seasons they have offered a live streaming video broadcast on gamedays through their website, which can be accessed for free at

Personally, I think this is a great option because while it is more student-operated videography, it is simpler to use and doesn’t have advertisements between quarters of the games and overall is just a very streamlined way to view the games online for free.

So, whenever it’s the next game day and you won’t be in Columbia or you simply just can’t make it to Faurot Field, check out some of the options that were just discussed. HOORAY, HURRAH, MIZZOU, MIZZOU! MIZZOU-RAH! MIZZOU-RAH! MIZZOU-RAH! TIGERS!

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