Watch Michigan Football Online Free

The Michigan Wolverines are a popular college football team. The Michigan Wolverines are an exceptionally praiseworthy team with a record of 910 games won and a .735 winning percentage. The Michigan Wolverines won the first college Rose Bowl in 1902. Since then, under the direction of five coaches, the team has claimed eleven national titles.

Here are six LEGAL ways to watch the Michigan Wolverines on the internet.

Number one: ABC Online

The popular television service ABCsports has generously offered a completely free live stream of their television channel to any residents of Southern Carolina, Chicago, Houston, New York City and Philadelphia. These are all popular cities in the United States of America. If you are in these cities, you can download the IOS or Android app for free, or you can just stream on a web browser.

The service checks your location every time you attempt to watch ABC on the live stream, so if you go out of town for a while, you will not be able to access the free service. If you are not lucky enough to live in one of these cities, you can still use one of these other ways to access Kansas State football online. Here is the link to ABC:

Number two: ESPN3

ESPN has about 44% of the college football games throughout the football season. Some of them are played on ESPN3. You can watch these games on your browser with a high-speed internet connection. Here is the link:

Number three: Cellphone Providers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon)

If you are lucky, your cellphone provider might have packages to stream some of the ESPN games. Sprint offers ESPN college football games for $2.99 USD per month. This covers many of the major college football games. Verizon also does a service. However, you must watch it on your phone unless you can stream your phone to a TV.

Number four: WatchESPN

If you do have cable and a subscription to ESPN, you are able to go to or to the Andriod and IOS app and put in your service information. This will allow you to watch ESPN and ESPN2, which has a majority of the college football games rights owned by ESPN.

Number five: Conference Apps

The college conferences have Andriod and IOS apps of their own. The ACC, the Big Ten, the PAC12, and the SEC conferences all stream games that cable providers do not have the rights to. The subscriptions are about $8 USD per season for live games.

Number six: CBS Sports ULineSome teams and conferences have put up a streaming network of college football games to make money on the growing popularity of streaming college games online. CBS College Sports Line ( has compiled all of these channels into one big streaming service. This service costs $17.95 USD a month.

One last warning:These are the best ways to LEGALLY obtain streaming Michigan Wolverines football games online. Many websites allow you to stream the services illegally, and most of these websites are also attempting to load your computer with a concoction of malware and viruses. Michigan Wolverines football games are paid for, and streaming these games illegally is stealing. It’s generally best to stay away from these websites.

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