How To Watch K-State Football Online

The 2015 Kansas State football season tickets have sold out for the third consecutive season, and fans are hoping for another great Big-12 record and trip to a prominent bowl game. The seats at Bill Snyder Family Stadium will be sold out for every home game, and thousands of fans will tune into games from across the nation.

Whether you are on the go with friends and family, or saving money by turning off your cable TV at home, you don’t have to miss another Wildcat game. There are multiple services, both free and subscription-based, that will allow you to watch Kansas State football games online.

Paid Streaming Options:

  • ABC Online is now streaming for free in some major cities, and if your a resident or just visiting you’ll be able to watch via a web browser, Android or iPad app in Southern California, Houston, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia. Your location will be confirmed when you log in, so you won’t be able to take the free service home with you if you access it on a business trip or vacation.
  • College Sports Live is another subscription service that is available on a web browser or smart phones and tablets. The app is free, but subscriptions start at $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year. Like K-State TV, College Sports Live is barred from streaming live games by network contracts. However, you gain access to more schools and more games for the same monthly price.
  • Dedicated fans and alumni can pay for a subscription to K-State TV, a high-definition network that provides access to videos and live athletic events. The service provides commercial-free on-demand streaming of every football game, as well as pre game shows, post game press conferences – all of which are shot and produced in HD. However, due to network contracts, only one game per season will stream live; the other games are made available 72 hours after they are shot. You can choose to subscribe to K-StateHD.TV for $9.95 a month or $79.95 a year.
  • Some cell phone providers allow access to streaming through apps like ESPN. For Sprint users the college football package is an additional $2.99 a month. If you have a smart TV linked with your phone you can watch games on the television.
  • Still have cable? Some providers offer a service that allows you to log into ESPN online when your away from home. All you need to do to authorize viewing is log into your cable company’s website and set up an online account with a user name and password. Then download the WatchESPN app for Android or iOS and you’ll be able to stream games away from home.

Free Streaming Options:

Some websites operate at no cost to the viewer, but are constantly being shut-down and reopened because they are targeted by networks and lawyers for violating intellectual property rights. is a website with many free links to watch television programs. It’s easy to find American football games on this site. After you access the link you want wait until the countdown is finished and click the close button to close out of the advertisement.

Other free sites are,,, Aside from streaming the Wildcats, you’ll find a host of other college sports games and some professional sports as well.

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