How to Watch Iowa Football Online

As an avid Hawkeyes football fan myself, I am constantly searching for ways to view football games online. I grew up attending countless games at Kinnick Stadium with my family each football season and it often seemed as though the stadium was my second home.

One of my mother’s favorite stories she will tell others about me is that some of my first words I ever uttered as a baby were “Go Hawks”. Does that depict to you a little bit of how important the Hawkeyes were to my family? As I grew older through, while my schedule didn’t allow for me to attend as many football games, my love for the Hawkeyes remained steadfast.

Key Websites That Stream Hawkeye Games

So, I began a search for ways to watch the Hawkeyes games online so that I could stay up-to-date with all of my favorite players, the biggest rivalries and of course the Hawkeyes fans’ spirit that I had come to love so much.

The first and quite possibly best source for watching the Hawkeyes football games came directly from the Big 10 Network’s LIVE Streaming Capability. While you can choose to order a subscription for the entire season, you can also choose to pay-per-view so that you can pick and choose which games you want to get in on the action for.

If, however, you’re running errands, at an appointment, or your time is just occupied in some other way, the Big 10 Network also offers BTN2Go, an app available for purchase from the iTunes store where you can get the same streaming capabilities as you could access from your computer. The best part about this option that seems to be a game changer for me is that this capability doesn’t have any commercials or pauses in the game, so it really allows you to feel like you’re sitting right inside Kinnick Stadium with thousands of other fans.

More Sites That Broadcast Live Football Games

Additionally, you might be interested in checking out Iowa’s own system for watching the games live online, College Sports Live, a site made available by the University of Iowa for live event and on demand coverage of the Hawks games. The advantage to this option is that it is a free option that is directly accessible through the Hawkeyes Football website.

While this option does have many commercials and pauses in the streaming, it does offer a very economical option for those fans on a college student’s budget. The website does offer several perks, however. One of these bonuses is the allowed access to monumental footage of incredible plays and games in the decades past for the Hawkeyes.

These free, on-demand clips offer a lot of insight into how Iowa runs as a team and how they work together despite difficult conditions at times. This is a great option if you’re also curious about the history of the team or looking for player bios or interviews.

Overall, I hope you’ve found some great tips on how to view the Hawkeyes games, because I think we’ve all come to the conclusion of how important it is. Let’s Go Hawks!

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