How To Watch PAC 12 Football Games Online

Looking for ways in which you can watch PAC 12 football games online? Look no further. There are many ways this can be done. In this article I will be listing a few of the easiest ways, most of which are fast and simple.

There are lots of websites on the internet today that claim you are able to watch things online for free but many of them require you to register, sign up, or download some sort of content that more than likely will give your computer a virus. No one wants that.

These sites are not listed in any particular order but I will point out which one in my opinion is the best as far as ease of use, organization, etc.


The first place you can go to view PAC 12 games online is On this site you’ll be able to do just that. The only catch is for this site you must have a TV provider. Upon clicking the play button on the home screen, it asks for you to select your TV provider.

This may be a problem for some, but not for others. If you do not have cable service, obviously you can scratch this one off your list so you don’t waste time or get your hopes up. Now, if you do, that’s great. Simply scroll down and select your TV provider and begin watching online. This should be of no cost to you as well.

Next on the list is Now this site is definitely my favorite on the list. Its one of the best and most efficient ways to watch any sports online. This is an official site where you can simply watch whatever sport it is that you want to see, in this case PAC 12 games, quickly and easily.

On this site you don’t have to register or download anything to begin watching live PAC 12 games. It very well laid out good quality site with lots of features, content, stats and extras for the avid football fan. Who doesn’t love a good site where you can find everything you need all in one place? Catch up on all the latest news on your favorite teams and players. Also keep track with all the upcoming game times at the top of the screen so you never miss a game. The site also has top events and customization ability too, where you can add specific teams to your favorites list. That gives you a more tailored viewing experience as well.

Video Streaming Sites:

If doesn’t quite suite your PAC 12 football needs, give a a try. If you’re an international fan looking to view the PAC 12 games online, may be able to help you with that. Apparently, the PAC 12 conference launched a youtube channel where international viewers are now able to watch these games live online, with 24/7 coverage of the conferences sports teams. Fans from over 27 different countries will now be able to watch the games live with no problem.

PAC 12 Now:

Alongside being able to watch the games on, viewers also now have the ability to download their app. That’s right, an app. You can download this app on the Google Play Store. It is called PAC 12 Now. With the app, you’re now mobile.

You can watch it anytime and anywhere on pretty much any device deemed capable, which is nice because you may need to sneak a peek at the games while at work, and you can’t get to a computer. (We’re not recommending that). The app is very convenient and it is an official PAC 12 conference app.

Whatever sports needs you may have, whether it be watching UCLA football games or women’s gymnastics, weeding through the internet searching for legitimate ways to watch basically anything online can be pretty daunting. It may discourage a lot of viewers from even trying, but there are sites out there that do stream live content.

It just takes a little time to find the good ones. But once you do, you’re set, good to go to stream live USC games. Hopefully this article can help those looking to watch PAC 12 games but are having sort of a difficult time finding something that works. There are ways to still catch your favorite games without cable service or TV in general.

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