How to Watch FSU Football Online

The FSU Seminoles have a rich history in college football,  having won 3 national championship, FSU is one of the most recognizable brands in all of sports. It’s not surprising that the FSU Seminoles have a lot of fans wanting to watch their games, particularly if they aren’t anywhere near Tallahassee or cannot afford tickets.

With the availability of the Internet, it’s possible to stream an FSU Seminoles game online without having to be anywhere near a television with cable service.

Free Streaming Options For those that are looking for a free option to stream FSU Seminoles games, there are quite a few websites you can go to. not only offers college football like the FSU Seminoles, but also NFL and a wide variety of other spots. It’s a nice option for FSU Seminoles fans that also enjoy watching other sports. It appears to be relatively ad free, which another plus, and doesn’t seem to be riddled with harmful programs.  is another very similar site for FSU Seminoles to catch a live stream of the game. Please note that these streams are live and if there is not a game currently happening, a stream will not be available. If you are interested in streaming footage of older FSU Seminoles games, going to YouTube and searching for the particular game you want or just searching “FSU Seminoles 2014” or an even older year should get you some satisfying results.

Paid Streaming Options

For those that would prefer paying for an online stream of FSU Seminoles games, there are premium websites that assure you that you are getting official, legal content. is one such site. Like the free sites mentioned above, it offers much more than NCAA college football. Livesporttv also offers an app for smart tvs that will allow you to stream there. offers a sports channel package that allows you to stream ACC conference games live on your smartphone and/or tablet.  Sling offers something called a Slingbox, which is a device specifically designed for your television so if you don’t own a TV this option won’t work for you.

Sling basically mirrors what’s on your home TV screen. Think of it like using your remote while away, and being able to watch FSU games on the internet remotely. Again if you don’t own a TV or a cable/satellite subscriber this option won’t work for you.


There are a wide variety of ways to watch an FSU Seminoles game online. Streaming is becoming more and more prevalent to cable due to convenience and cost efficiency. You could even get it streamed to a large TV if that’s how you wanted it. Even if you were to miss a game or just want to go watch one of your favorite older FSU Seminoles game, it’s quite doable with today’s technology. Don’t miss out on an FSU Seminoles game just because you don’t have or want cable!

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