How To Watch BYU Cougars Football Online

The first game of the season is quickly approaching and you can’t wait to cheer your loudest for the BYU Cougars as their football season begins. You can hardly focus at work because you can’t think straight with the impending game on the horizon! But, wait a second…there’s no way you’re going to be able to watch the game because you won’t have a TV nearby that day. Then, you have an idea…why don’t you stream it online?

Streaming the Cougars football games online will eliminate the stress of having to drive to the stadium, pay for parking, food, tickets and more when your alternative is taking the Cougars games with you wherever you go to fit into your schedule. Not only is choosing to stream the games a most cost effective option, but it also can be taken on-the-go anywhere your needs may take you.

1. ABC Sports Live Stream:

For the games that you are fortunate to have on ABC, you can also access free live coverage of the Cougars games through ABC Live Stream, both a website and an app available for iOS and Android devices. The one requirement to these services is that you are located near a major city where ABC broadcasts.

The app and website will do a location check before it allows you to view the football game, but if you’re located in or near a major city, you will be allowed access for the duration of the game.

2. CBS Sports ULive:

A second option that’s great for BYU fans is what’s called the CBS Sports ULive package. This provides an online website with live video and audio access to college football games across the nation and also features many games and coverages that aren’t covered by ESPN. While it does have many benefits over the ABC option, the only downside is that this option does cost money.

You can choose one of two routes to go package-wise. You can either purchase a subscription package for a one-month period for $18 or you can purchase a $130 subscription for an entire year. And, as the avid Cougars fans as you probably are, it might be a good idea to check in to the annual option. This package also includes live interviews with players and coaches, press conferences, daily video updates and even interesting facts such as report’s on the Cougars’ pre-practice stretch routines!

3. College Sports Live:

Finally, BYU sponsors a subscription to College Sports Live, another website that allows live video coverage of the football games. Because BYU sponsors this, it means that all Cougars fans get a discounted subscription rate to the site. So, by going to, you will be directed to a link where you can purchase a subscription to College Sports Live for as low as $10 monthly, which is almost half of the normal price of a subscription. It pays to be a Cougars fan!


Whichever route you decide to chose, whether it be a free app you can download to your iPhone or a package you can pay for to recieve daily video updates about the Cougars’ latest football news, you can be assured of one thing.

Streaming the games live online will get you closer to the action than ever before. You will see sights and sounds captured that you would have never previously had access to. You’ll feel like you’ll know the Cougars better than ever before. What are you waiting for?

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