How to Watch Oklahoma Football Online

Calling all Sooners fans! Everyone is asking, and we are here to answer, where you can stream online the Oklahoma Sooners football games.

Sooner Sports TV:

We know that your blood bleeds crimson red and your absolute dedication to your favorite big 12 conference team member. The Sooner Sports online website, will keep you up to date with all the current news this football season.

By logging onto this website, any fan will automatically have access to watching live and on-demand recordings of the games, listen to live and recorded radio broadcasts of games, stream full games and game highlights and get exclusive information into the new app that they are releasing.

This is the premier, and free, website to getting all the Sooner’s insight you can handle. Members that have a subscription will have access to premium content,such as complete live streaming and full-game replays –a small price to pay for the full Sooners experience.

CBS Sports Live Stream:

Another common way to stay informed with Sooners news is to head on over to the CBS online website for NCAA teams ( Not only does this online page have the teams full schedule, respective standings and rankings, and newest news articles, but it also has archives of audio and video of past Sooners games and highlights.

This is a premium website with free, full access to Sooners news and also the capabilities to look at the competing teams. With ample news articles and videos to look at, it is impossible to run out of new information to learn about your favorite team.


Last but not least, ESPN has recently released an online page dedicated to the Sooners, and many other college football teams. This ESPN website ( is much like the CBS website in keeping you up to date with Sooners news.

In addition to all of the CBS related content, ESPN has added sections for Big 12 standings, award winners, and recruits that are all attributed to the Sooners. For being a free website, ESPN has done an amazing job with the free content they are releasing. If you are only looking to stream the most current game–look no further, they have this capability, too.

All Sooners fans are in luck this season with all the newest websites that support online streaming and on-demand videos. The Sooners Sports TV website is the most reliable source, since all the information is coming straight from the Oklahoma Sooners; even though this website does not offer as much as the other two websites mentioned, it is a great resource for all fans.

CBS offers a lot of free content and is reliable to offering their live and on-demand streaming services at little to no cost, as long as you have a subscription to their channel. ESPN, however, trumps them all. In addition to their streaming capabilities, they offer a wide range of statistics and rankings that are essential to the Sooners fans learning about and understanding their favorite football team. Whichever website you decide, you will be in good hands, Sooners fans.

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