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With the last of the summer days fading, and fall almost here it is time to get ready for football season. There are a lot of choices out there to make sure you can keep you with your team and catch all their games. This article is going to give you a few tips on how to make sure you do just that.

Let’s start off with live games. Love them, right? Getting carried away by the excitement of being close to the field and other fans. The smell of the concession stands, and the tailgaters. Well, if you want to be there be prepared to shell out some serious money. Today, the average price of an NFL ticket is $76.00 per person.

NFL Redzone Online Coverage

Okay, so you can’t go to the live game but you have cable or satellite right? Not all games are broadcast live and then there are blackouts and so on and so forth. Not to mention the cost of a fall sports package like the NFL Redzone can cost over $300. If your budget is tight, that probably won’t work either.

If you have friends or family that do have the package, maybe you can get an invite but to every single game? What if they are fans of a different team? Plus it might be awkward to show up all the time, even if you friends insist. Then there is the sports bar that proudly boasts it will be showing “the game” but that doesn’t mean the game YOU want to see. Plus, if you are going to sit in a bar for over 4 hours, you will probably spend money on drinks and food which can also get expensive. Not to mention the noise and distractions.

Digital Trend

There is a website (Digital Trend) that has ideas and solutions to help you see the game and for free. If you have a computer or laptop and high speed internet connections, then you can stream NFL games online just like streaming movies online. This site also shares a few sites to try. Of course, there are some of the same pitfalls you want to be careful with and lookout for.

Be careful of sites that have the pop ups, surveys and downloads. Most likely that site is trying to install malware on your computer so give the site a pass and look further. You might have some quality issues as well but if it is free, it is really hard to complain. Make sure you have alternative sites to back you up on game day. Visit several sites before the game to make sure that they are stable and dependable.

Really, with a little research and some digging, you can enjoy streaming a live game right at home. Maybe it isn’t a perfect solution but it is free and it is much better than missing the game altogether. When game day comes, if you have done your homework the only you will have to worry about is make sure you have stocked up enough cold drinks and snacks. So, good luck and enjoy!

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